Human doing or human being

Human doing or human being

Human beings, are the poorest clumsiest excuse of all the creatures that inhabit the earth. He has to be coddled and housed and swathed and bandaged and upholstered to be able to live at all, he is a rickety sort of thing , anyway you take him, a regular British Museum of infirmities and inferiorities.” Mark Twain.”         

These infirmities and inferiorities frequently cause suffering in older people.  Insufficiently dealing with these issues can result in crises and psychological disorders.  Integrating these issues of aging into the understanding of life can contribute to personal maturity.  Precious time is lost following goals deemed worthy by society, instead of pursuing our own authentic desires.


All these goals, are insuring the smooth functioning of society and not enriching life as a unique human being.   This doesn’t make us worthless, it just makes this aspect of western culture worthless. We can’t allow ourselves to be overtaken by a domestication process. Existential thoughts can lead people to question their existence, resulting in unsettled responses to these questions. Existential thoughts are not just confined to older people, they can happen at any age, even in young children.


The domestication process, begins with parents and teachers, it’s not their fault, they only teach, what they have learned.  Forces all around us, family, friends, and the media also conspire to keep us domesticated.  Unnatural behaviors often develop in wild animals when they are domesticated.  So these behaviors in us can also be striking, as we become distanced from our natural environment.  Often we demonstrate the consequences of domestication, as we question the meaning of our existence.  While we are  haunted with feelings that our culture is verging on insanity or blindness.

Feeling alone

It seems that no-one understands us, are we are still being manipulated to be a doer rather than just being.  If you seek to understand the whole universe, you will understand nothing at all.  While if you seek to understand yourself, you will understand the whole universe.  The domestication process has separated us from our true human nature.  So we believe that mind and nature operate independently of each other.  The premise of what interests my organization or society is the only consideration.


Theodore Roszak, a professor of history who had already coined the term counterculture.  Who went on to Publish a manifesto in which he strongly criticized modern psychology, for neglecting the primal bond between man and nature.  He argued that  “All that lies beyond the citified psyche has seemed of no human relevance or perhaps too frightening to think about.” Society contrasts  a growing unease with our state of nature,  Nature deficit disorder, eco-anxiety and eco-paralysis are part of this unease. We as humans are hard wired to interact with nature.  Eco-therapy conducts psychological sessions outdoors, as patients perspectives often change with restorative benefits.  Nature provides a live and wild environment not under control, this often leads to a revelatory experience.


being a human being
Humans doing

Mark Twain was right, we are a regular British museum of infirmities and inferiorities.  Therefore we are often happy and sad, crying and laughing at the same time, with too many choices for our wellbeing.  Hiking in nature helps me to recognize these feelings, it’s not the only way, but it works for me.  The majority of our human existence has been, within nature as Hunter gatherers.  Whether we believe in creation or evolution it doesn’t matter, this wild state of human nature can’t be denied.  While we can’t all go back to living in caves, as there’s not enough caves to cater for everyone.  Rather that’s not to say, that many of us wouldn’t like to have the experience again.

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