Work your way into Passion

These are the good old days.

Everything sucks some of the time, everything we do has a cost, spending time on one thing is an opportunity lost to another. The question becomes, what struggle or sacrifice are we willing to tolerate? What determines our passion to stick with something we care about? It has to be our ability to handle the bad patches and ride out the inevitable bad days. Great things are, by their nature, unique and unconventional, to achieve them, we must go against the herd mentality and do what scares us.

We can’t “think” are way into our life’s passion, we have to “do” our way in, take a mental note from Nike and  just do it. To find your passion you must see that your mission is bigger than yourself, it’s knowing that you were put on this earth for a reason, if you don’t know your why yet, it’s time to fight for it, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how Friedrich Nietzsche” 

Follow your passion?

A lot of career and life advise is built around the platitude of  “follow your dreams” “follow your heart” but if we wait for our passion, we will always be waiting, it will be pure chance if it ever happens. We have to put strategies in place to enhance the possibility of finding our passion. Trying many things for the first time with curiosity and discovery. We may have to go down blind alleys, but that’s something we need to do. We have to allow ourselves to see things differently. Gratitude can help, realizing we already have far more than most people could ever dream of. Freedom, a safe environment, clean drinking water and many other things that we take for granted. From the perspective of most of the worlds population, we already have a head start in finding passion.

Follow opportunity.

Work your way into passion
Passion at work

The notion that we can just find a passion and follow it, is a very destructive idea, very few people have any idea what their passion is or how to fulfil it. Find your passion not only by “doing” but by working hard doing something which can then, become your passion. Never giving up on your dreams may keep you from finding your passion, because your looking in the wrong direction. We have become obsessed with the idea that the only way to find happiness is to follow your passion. Passion is about authenticity, it’s partly discovered and partly created. You cant expect to have a good working life until your actually good at something.


Inside each and everyone of us is at least, one authentic thing. Something we are born with, that is ours alone, that doesn’t need to be taught or learned, it only needs to be remembered. Think back on your life and try to remember the things that came naturally to you. It doesn’t matter how quirky they are, a clue could be lurking there. Take a look at your book collection, magazines and CD’s, these are the things your gravitating towards. Look at the things your already spending your time, money and energy on, are there recurring things happening?

In the mundane.

You can bring this touch into everything you do, no matter what the task, do it with as much enthusiasm and energy as you possibly can. Focusing on every task, washing the dishes, cleaning your teeth or the task at hand in your workplace. You may not need a complete overhaul, if you can’t change what your doing, you can always change how your doing it. We only have two choices, stop doing it, or change our mindset and try to enjoy it. Any other choice will only bring unhappiness.

Taking action on your passion often involves little or no cash outlay, it can be a hobby that fires you up, or a cause that you feel strongly about. It can be brought to the mundane, bringing motivation to an otherwise ordinary task. These definitions of passion seem plain ordinary, aren’t passions supposed to be artistic, or inspirational, aren’t they supposed to wow !!! everyone.

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