Intellectual Food for thoughts.

Food for thoughts.

Food for thoughts
Atmosphere of food for thought

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease at death” Albert Einstein.

We have an intellectual need to stimulate our brain, therefore we need to consume intellectual food for thoughts. Feasting on proven sources of good food, reading, writing, music, art, conversing, asking questions and using selective social media. These activities stimulate the brain, because they are creative in nature. What we take in, will ultimately determine who and what we are. The challenge we all face, is deciding what we will allow, to enter our mind? Since we want to take advantage of our ability to learn and develop in a positive and constructive way. It is imperative, that we keep as much “garbage” out as we possibly can. While trying to customize our intellectual food and discover what best nourishes our mind.

Strategic thinking, becomes a benefit of the intellectual food we feed ourselves, as we lay the foundations that help our highest values become automatic. As individuals, we can attempt to be fully alive, current and vitally engaged with life, making us interesting to be with. While providing stimulating conversation and insightful observations, which help to grow our personal relationships. I can feel this truth when I put effort into creative projects, feeding my long term goals and making me stronger, healthier and happier. Most importantly, not letting my desires, fester in my mind with thoughts of, what if and if only. ” Whoever prefers the material comfort of life over intellectual wealth is like the owner of a palace moving into the servants quarters and leaves the sumptuous rooms empty.” Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach. 

Negative food for thoughts.

Separating the good from the bad can be problematical. There are many interesting movies, documentaries and books but there are also perverse and mentally destructive one’s as well. There are helpful and interesting internet sites and also one’s that feature pornography and other illicit content. Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease at death, although, it often doesn’t. My desire for low level content is less desirable now, not in a puritanical way, it just feels alien to my long term goals. As I absorb more and more interesting and enlightening things from different sources. Through our school and college years, whether we want to or not, we have to learn. Less so after that, the chart of life often has a steady decline, marked downwards until death.

More food for thoughts.

Continuing to learn, can help us stay young, by increasing cognitive activity and slowing the decline in brain function. It’s a matter of expanding our minds in anticipation of new and exciting opportunities ahead. We can be fully connected, current, engaged and interesting to be around. While having something vital to contribute to life and relationships. If we are constantly looking for what’s wrong with our life, we are guaranteed to see it more often. By regularly seeking out things we find funny, curious or interesting, we start to notice life becoming more amazing and amusing every day. Appreciation of humor, also correlates with other emotional strengths, increasing feelings of well being and optimism. With the right intellectual food, we can build a mental muscle that is more in tune to the humor of our day.

Other food for thoughts.

My father used to read the newspaper from front to back, everyday. Yet he wasn’t a prolific reader of books, but was always knowledgeable when conversing. The newspaper carried articles from politics, the arts, sport, human interest and many more genres. I remember my friend once commenting “your dad don’t half know a lot, why is he so smart”? An old school atlas of mine was a constant companion to him, it was full of notes and newspaper cuttings. All the exotic sounding place names were underlined, “Ulan Bator, Addis Ababa” and many others. I was constantly drilled in naming the capital cities of the world, I didn’t excel in many things at school, but geography was one of the subjects I did excel in.

In 1966, Leslie Thomas wrote a book entitled the “Virgin soldiers” which was made into a movie in 1969. This was his main claim to fame. He also wrote other fine books, one being “Some lovely islands.” In this book, he mentions, that as a child, he enjoyed looking at maps and wondering about the exotic sounding place names. Also how those names might reflect on the people who were living there. Not so strange then, someone else was also feeling the same way.”Times” atlas of the world is my choice now, a legacy I got from my father. I’m still looking at the exotic place names and wondering, intellectual food for thought, refers to the quality of the food we are consuming. If I keep feeding my brain with excellent material, will I become Intellectual?


Food for thoughts
Love of a good book is food for thought.

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