Help wanted apply within

Apply within
Help wanted apply within

Wanted apply within.

You once told me you wanted to find yourself in the world and I told you to first apply within, to discover the world within  you. You once told me you wanted to save the world from all its wars and I told you to first save yourself from the world, and all the wars you put yourself through. (Suzy Kassem)

We’ve all heard the collective maxims on success. Follow your passion, nice guys finish last, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know and a winner never quits, plus others. The words are said that often now, that we accept them as truth. A lot of the information is part of a stale agenda, that’s often not helpful to our individual interests. It’s also becoming increasingly hard to discover, our truths outside of these hackneyed phrases. What is the most useful advise for us? as we become comfortable with the lightness of the feel good mainstream media. Which often blocks us from discovering our true selves as we reach out for the seemingly, simple solution. Apply within, is the best solution, attempting to drill down through into our authenticity.

There is also our lazy filter, that comes between us and some of the nuance knowledge that is available to us. Trying to discover material and resources that benefit our own peculiarities is not easy. It takes work and dedication. Often it’s found in a different place, it could be a dusty corner, or buried in an academic tome. Nuggets of information that we can apply within. Also, we have to trust our long term understanding of who we are and how we have developed over the years. Many of our qualities and beliefs have stayed the same, with no significant change from when we were young. We know our strengths and also our weaknesses. By playing to our strengths, there is a chance our weaknesses will blend together with our strengths and come along for the ride.

 Apply within.

Once we apply within we become more selective in taking guidance from outside sources, that try to tell us what we should do. Being more selective, assists us in finding what we’re truly capable of. We have to accept the flaws, mistakes and weaknesses that have made us unique. Even when we get good results, our inner dialogue will pull us down, if we constantly look for flaws within ourselves. As the role of the subconscious mind is to maintain the image that we have created. We must praise ourselves as we keep moving forward. Not in a bullshit way, but using small victories as stepping stones over our perceived failures.

Turning up the volume on our inner voice, is a good place to start when trying to follow our true self. The voice, that most of the time is drowned out in the constant chatter of noise, both internally and externally. Our mind is usually running at a hundred miles an hour. While we often carry tension in our bodies as well. It becomes obvious that we need to quieten our minds, to benefit  from our intuition. Meditation can work, depending on the consistency that’s developed over a period of time. All of the methods of meditation, apps on our phones, guided meditation, celestial sounds, mantras, music and breathing. Require us to test them out and see which combination is the best for us.

Apply in solitude.

Hiking in solitude is my preferred choice, especially solitude over a longer period of time. Which works for each individual in different ways. For me, it usually takes two to three days before I start to feel a difference in my thoughts.  I’m not an empty vessel waiting for my intuitional thoughts to present themselves, filling me with the joy of discovery. Yet there is a marked difference in how I feel, when immersed in the solitude of nature. Hiking is a form of walking meditation. Particularly when the track is flat and I’m not looking down at my feet to often. If I’m fit, well fed, watered and comfortable inside my boots, there’s a better chance I will forget my bodily needs and allow my thoughts to blend with nature.

Nature presents the big picture to us and we become a part of that for a period of time. My thoughts have certain feelings attached to them, as they come bubbling up. Solitude in nature is the best chance I have of connecting to pure intuition within my thoughts. False intuitions defend themselves with justifications when questioned. True intuitions are silent when questioned and have a soft magnetic pull to them. That’s something I got from a dusty corner somewhere.

help wanted apply within
Apply within solitude


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