Hopium for the masses.


Most people understand hope as wishful thinking, as in I hope something will happen. The biblical definition of hope is confident expectation.                                

Hopium everywhere


We often say I hope it will rain today, I hope my car will start, I dream my children will grow up with good morals.  Has the confident expectation gone now.?  Since we can’t believe anyone anymore, what’s gone wrong, why are we feeling this way.?   What happened to a hand shake that signified trust in the completion of a promise.?   It was never perfect but the feeling was there that it could  be.  Are we hooked on hope instead of being eager for evidence.  Information is knowledge and knowledge is power to make decisions.  Helping to keep dreams under control.


 I want to have a fantastic time on my next hike, that’s my hope.  If I don’t use the knowledge I have, to plan and prepare myself physically.  Also evaluating all my equipment and making sure it compliments what I’m trying to achieve.  Then I will be living in a fantasy that everything will work out, by a magical force known as luck. It’s the belief that something is possible, and that is enough.  It’s not based on reliable data that results in trust, that the enterprise will work.  It can lead to despair as we become more confused in an ever changing world.   


I find myself hoping that I will be able to work things out.  Due to  moving from a product based, to a service based society.  Technology is moving us from a static to a liquid ever moving paradigm. While I feel like a perpetual “newbie” always trying to understand another add on.  Due to an already confusing technological market place.  I’m hoping that when I unpack my next item out of the box, installation will just happen and not expect input from me to solve any problems that may happen. Problems are not confined to technology, hope can quickly lead to failure in many areas.  While we are being encouraged to become solo entrepreneurs, many of us are finding the transition difficult to deal with.  Due to competition, businesses have never been easier to start, but failure rates are high.


Hopium in different places

 We’re not just hiking, we’re scrambling into business.  Be your authentic self, live the dream, follow your passion, that’s all you need to succeed.  I hope it works, I hope it makes money, with very little research and development, then hope is all we are often left with.  Grounding in essential business practice, as in anything else we attempt to do, takes away or lessens the need for hope.


Hope, is an emotion that isn’t found in our facial expressions.  Happiness, sadness, fear, anger, exhaustion, focus, surprise, shame and confusion, can all be readily identified.  It’s part of a smaller group of emotions that are often overlooked.  So they are harder to study, so they are not often written about.  If it could be seen more as confident expectation, we may be able to recognize that hope, while being a tremendously uplifting emotion, when needed in difficult moments.  Can be damaging if we just dream that things will be alright without the discipline and commitment.

Hard to find.

Hope is harder to find as a member of the grey community, being bombarded with change is very unsettling. Due to values and assumptions being constantly questioned.  We often look back to a past that was slower and less unpredictable.  Younger people growing up and individuals working and living in this state of constant change, are also looking to the future and finding it harder to find.  As the pace and financial constraints become tougher.  Hope is harder to find in a fast changing world but far from impossible, looking in different places through a different lense may help.


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