Lamborghini Veneno

 Lamborghini veneno.

This Lamborghini is focused on aerodynamics and stability, a racing prototype, yet fully certified for road use.  A  limited addition automobile, it accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of 355 km/h.  We can never hope to attain that speed, but in many ways the human body has many common elements. The car and the human body convert energy in the form of petrol, and fuel to allow both to perform at optimum levels.


Fuel and petrol are turned into energy and extracted as waste through the human digestive tract and the car exhaust system.  The Lamborghini requires special maintenance and servicing to look after to protect a substantial investment.  Bodywork is buffed to keep the car shiny and pleasing to the eye, top of the range fuels are used to keep the engine in excellent condition.  The proud owners car is admired and photographed by an adoring public.


It can be contrasted with the human machine, but it doesn’t come close to the most complex machine in the known universe.  The human brain itself makes the most advanced computer, a toy by comparison.  We have an integrated system, that can’t be fully understood or compared to a Lamborghini on a serious scientific level.  We only have one body, yet many of us don’t respect or have any conception of the awesomeness of that body.


Why don’t we treat our body with the same respect we are willing to bestow on a luxury car?   We treat our body like a rental car, revving it and filling up with cheap and nasty fuels. Checking under the hood, hardly ever happens but we still expect high performance every day.   Our mind garden can also be full of weeds and negative thoughts implanted by friends and family and the latest gossip on social media.  Or are some of us treating our mind like a luxury car, the garden weeded, tended and fed positive thoughts.

Health costs.

Perhaps the reason is cost and the need to maintain that investment.  In contrast our bodies are free and perhaps as a result, we take them for granted.  Is cost the only consideration, or is it laziness when we choose fast food, which is highly processed and contains large amounts of carbohydrates, added sugar, unhealthy fats, and salt.  When fast food, frequently replaces nutritious food in our diet, it can lead to a variety of health problems. In general we are getting, obese and less healthy, big corporations with large marketing budgets are out to get us.   Optimal health is not being considered as they sell us well packaged food and drink with little nutritional value.

Good energy.

Intrinsically, we know what is good fuel for our body.  We hardly need to ask a health question when comparing a tub of ice cream with fresh fruit.  Other comparisons may be more difficult as  we work towards better health. Lets not forget where we came from.  For thousands of years, we have evolved eating and drinking directly from nature.  We didn’t just come from nature we are nature.  Everything we do becomes us, there is nothing more important than what we eat, drink and think about.


The rare Lamborghini Verona has been recalled, auto magazine reported in March 2016.   Fuel system faults could lead to fires, “particular maneuvers” could cause vapors to come in contact with hot gasses.  Whether it’s cars or health, the best repair is the one you never make.  The majority of men easily remember their first car, but do not remember when they last went to the doctor for a check up.  Whether its a Lamborghini or a hire car we don’t own, there is one key difference, you can buy, rent or lease another car.

Lamborghini veneno
Treat your body like a sports car not a hire car

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