Models and balance

Models and balance.

Modelling, is the representation of a real world object or system in a mathematical framework. It can be used to make inferences about potential future outcomes. Models that represent the human condition, can’t capture the individual within the model, for obvious reasons. I think we realize that we need a sense of order in our lives.  We can’t be completely  random, or things as we know them, could not function properly. Somewhere between order and randomness, there has to be a balance point for each individual.

Models and balance
Getting some balance in our lives

As individuals, its part of our mission, to find that balance. If we are pulled towards either spectrum by forces within or outside ourselves.  We have to work on ourselves to reach the balance that is right for us. There is a tendency to seek order and comfort by default, we often live in that zone.  But in doing that, we are missing out on a chance to experience what it may be like to find a new balance at a higher level.

Looking for balance.

Hiking in nature for me, has been the catalyst to reaching a new balance point.  It has allowed me to think differently about many things that I took for granted as being the truth for me. Even as I started hiking, there was a perception of how things should feel.  From all the articles I had read and thought about. The experience was similar, but  different, because I brought my own unique experiences to nature.  So that ultimately determined how I felt.

Being in nature has helped me to be gentler with myself and not to force anything to happen. I am finding my way towards a new balance that works better for me. Two of the greatest human emotions we strive for, love and happiness, can’t be forced.  They often come slowly and have different feelings attached to them. What may work for one individual could be completely different for another.

Personal development.

I have used plenty of different personal development material in my quest to become a better version of myself.  An inner core of values, that are built in a linear fashion, over time. A different model that often talks about the negative and trying to move towards the positive. There still has to be a balance point.  You can’t fool yourself that if you work hard enough, everything will automatically move towards positive.  There will always be a negative that we have to deal with. Affirmations may work for some individuals, but for me, it feels like sticking a band aid over something.  It feels like I’m trying to bullshit myself at a sub-conscious level.

It has been suggested that neutral affirmations may work better, for a person with a more negative mind set.   Every day in every way I’m getting better and better  replaced with  I’ve had better days, but I’ve had worse, today, I’m ok.  I’m beautiful, happy and love myself, replaced with I’m working on accepting me as I am.  If your character leans towards positive then you can top yourself up with  I’m beautiful, happy and love myself.  There is a very good chance you may believe it over a period of time, it’s still about finding a balance point that works for each individual.

Finding balance.

A compelling argument, can take us into a certain way of thinking, but there is always a counter argument that can be just as colourful and compelling.  Presented in the right way, what felt so obvious no longer is. There is an overall big picture effect in nature, it transcends any sense of our ideas of order. It’s the order that was in place before we started to try and impose our own ideas of order to it.  If humans were taken out of the nature model altogether, there would be another adjustment balance.

Models and balance
Things in our life are often finally balanced

Hiking in nature especially over an extended period of time.  With our cell phone turned off, no I-pad and not looking for internet coverage.  Can often help us return to a place where our mind can relax and let go of reactionary responses. The constant distractions and stimulations of modern life, can be a threat to creativity and other cognitive benefits. Without becoming a hermit and living in complete solitude.  Or allowing ourselves to be pulled towards reactionary responses and negativity.  There has to be a balance for each of us, and that balance, I believe, is our mission to find.

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