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It’s a another year over and another one has arrived for us. The holidays are over and it’s time to start putting some meat on the bones of 2018. First up, thank you so much for your subscriptions to the blog. I have had a lot of trouble with spam content, which frankly, I don’t understand and as I’m not unique, I have learnt not to take it personally. I’m one of millions that these things are happening to. Anyway, I have sorted through my lists and cleared out all the dead wood. I hope this leaves me with genuine people who want to interact with the Grey hiker community.

It’s going to be a busier year for me I hope, I have a few things planned already. March 18th I plan to do the Cape to Cape hike here in Western Australia, it’s on the south coast of the state between the lighthouses on Cape leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste. Around 84 miles that should take me about 6 days and if my mathematics are correct will be around 14 miles a day walking. Good weather being my companion, I hope that this will be doable for the Grey hiker. Although I will be carrying a full pack, as I’m camping and cooking this time.

More walking.

Then on the 6th of April I will be in Melbourne Victoria, to hike the southern coast, this time from Apollo bay to the Twelve apostles, a rock formation in the southern ocean. This will be around 5 days and 63 miles to cover which will average out to be around 12.5 miles a day, again, very doable. Carrying a full pack again and the weather will be more problematic this time, as it will be in the autumn. I’m walking every morning and doing some other strength building exercises. It’s the first time for a long while that I have carried a full pack, I’m sure it will make for more interesting and intense walking.

I have been thinking about that Henry ford quote. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t-your right”. So the Grey hiker is going to do these hikes, I think I can and therefore I can. Good physical health supports good mental health, the reverse is also true. Poor mental health can contribute to an increased risk of developing physical illnesses. Hypertension, cardiovascular disease and obesity to name just a few. Apart from all the usual suspects that effect physical and mental health, my own personal one is setting goals that are realistic and achievable. When younger, my mantra was, “Just go for it and power through.” But now I’m older and possibly, wiser, I know a major setback could have devastating consequences going forward.

Keep walking.

It’s possible to walk your way through a lot of small physical problems. But you have to know they are small and not something that may turn nasty.  In my case it was hernias, it started with one,  but ended with three. After my surgery, I was off my feet for eight months, so as I said previously, possibly more sensible going forward. “Above all do not lose your desire to walk every day. I walk myself into a state of well being and walk away from every illness. I have walked myself into my best thoughts and I know of no thought so burdensome that one can not walk away from it” (Soren Kierkegaard)

I believe there are thousands of tired, anxious, and over civilized people, who would receive a tonic for their health and well being, by going into nature. Spending time alone in the wilderness, is the ultimate cure for so many of our mental health problems. Hiking the trail all day and eating in the fresh air is a feeling that’s hard to describe. Crawling into a sleeping bag at the end of a day on the trail has to be the best feeling available, better than any feeling we could ever get in a five star hotel? Depending on the depth of the feeling one requires.


Walk the talk
Camping in the wilderness

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