Rewilding humans and nature.

Rewilding principals.

A Forest Monks program is offered by the rewilding university based in Wisconsin USA.  Also intensive training in ancestral skills, mental and emotional strength, primal fitness and much more.  Furthermore a less practical version that entails, joining an online community of monks who explore the connection with nature and self.  Rewilding, is the latest craze in the health and fitness world, its all about living a feral lifestyle.  Also this lifestyle may bring you back into sync with nature.  Probably making you healthier and happier than you ever thought possible.

There is a promise to rewild  your taste buds and access your nourish sense.  As a result the body uses it’s own natural ability to know what is good to eat for health.  Not relying on prescription drugs to solve chronic health issues, wild food, herbal and mushroom based medicines are often used.  Criminals are locked up to rehabilitate them back into society. It’s only after we become domesticated, that we are more capable of unnatural acts.  Most of all these show up as prejudices violence, greed and selfishness that seem to characterize modern society.

Human experience.Rewilding

The truth is, rewilding is more about inner change than outer change, but this can present a problem.  As we move further into an urban, technological future, we move further away from the natural forces that shape our minds.  How do we get back in touch with them?  The human rewilding model suggests that with an increasing awareness of nature, we start to remember where we came from. We forge a connection with our inner essential being. Our experience of nature is being changed by technology as we experience nature second hand through a variety of screens.  Wild walk apps are starting to appear on our phones.  With articles that advise on how to do it  with regard to walking in nature.

What you need.

What you need  for a thirty minute walk heading into the wilderness.  Wear hiking boots, trails can be uneven, watch out for your weak ankles, carry water, a first aid kit, find your adventurous spirit, with endless products to buy.  Another piece of  sound advise, but for a thirty minute hike!  Since how far are we going into the wilderness?   Another sign of social correctness gone to far, trying to wrap us in a warm fluffy blanket.

Back to nature.

Rewilding, can have many forms, we can’t all go back to nature as many of us feel the need to, it’s not practical, luckily for nature.  The rewilding experience that’s on offer at various locations, can help us to see things through a slightly different wilding lens.  Many wild animals make the transition to establish their homes in our civilized environment.  Hence they still retain their wildness, foraging for food and shelter, but their footprint is not as heavy, or as pervasive as ours.  Most of the time in our busy lives we never encounter them. Unless we consciously observe them on rare occasions.  Can we be in nature and not be noticed?  As each generation passes, we move farther away from our wild beginnings.  Rewilding and many other disciplines recognize, that emersion of any kind in nature, can only help the human spirit.

“Wild” into nature.

“Rewilding Australia” aims to improve the trajectory for Australian wildlife, and increase ecosystem resilience to future threats.  Part of this rewilding is introducing native species back into the wild.  Most countries around the world are attempting similar programs. In addition, nature has to be preserved for itself and for the benefit of future generations. Rewilding humans or introducing wild animals back into nature can only be a good thing, together it might make a profound difference.

Is the soft blanket attempt the right solution? making it more inviting for everybody.  The less serious should be encouraged to walk around the park.  While still walking for half an hour but carry less equipment.  Consequently they won’t roll their ankle on uneven ground, or need  to carry a first aid kit.  Propaganda is often used with great effect, propaganda needs to be used now to try and keep the wild in nature.  “Keep out” rewilding in progress.

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