The lie of lack in comparison

The lie of lack.

Lie of lack
No lie of lack here it’s paradise

The lie of lack tries to convince us we are not enough. Also we don’t have enough and can’t do enough to be seen, heard and known. The lie of lack prompts us to believe we are missing out. It also doesn’t want us fulfilled in peace and contentment, it wants us to want more. In doing this, we question that we are not where we should be or will never get to where we want to be. In comparing ourselves to others, it’s easy to see where we don’t measure up. Whenever we feel the need to provide ourselves with something, it can be an indicator we are working from a position of lack. When we lack peace, we grab something, it could be drugs, alcohol, gambling , shopping, smoking or over eating. This can cause us to confront our sense of lack and where we need improvement.

We also value scan by comparing ourselves to friends, family and others, if only we had what they have, we will be happy. We fail to understand that the individuals we envy, have the same problems of being content and happy that we have. Comparison robs us of joy and satisfaction in our own lives, dispersing our time and energy in the wrong way. Instead of focusing our energy and allowing it to help us to become stronger.

Accepting ourselves.

Most comparing comes from low self esteem, not owning our own life and uniqueness. Giving in to blind mass conformity gets us into the lie of lack. When we conceive ourselves to lack what someone else has, it feels like we are permanently obstructed from ever being happy. Until we get what they have or the position in life they have realized. Yet it’s far more difficult sometimes to see where we have grown and improved. The most satisfying thing in life is to be ourselves and to live into that and accept it fully. As we become older we start to realize that the eccentricities that once worried us when we were younger, no longer matter. Now we can be fully open and wear our eccentricities for all to see. Not only that, but love ourselves for them, uncovering our true self in the process.

Self worth doesn’t exist, nobody is worth more than anyone else, who determines what’s worth what? The whole “worth” thing, is just a label we attach to things, that in themselves, have no worth at all, but we treat them like they do. Every object that we put a value amount on, is created by us, it’s only real because we give in to the consensus of a value amount being placed on it. There is a  competition happening and we are being constantly encouraged to join in and compete. But it’s a losing position, as there will always be individuals who are better and more adept than we are. The answer is to stop competing, focus on being a creator and ground yourself in your own values. The mature adult is a creator in life not a competitor.

Our own uniqueness.

We are too complex to compare, we aren’t comparing the same things, as individuals we are totally unique. To compare two individuals is like trying to compare apples and oranges. Each of us has a different life history, a different personality, family background and the resources we had available to us as we grew up. We also grew up in different countries, different neighborhoods and with different governments. These differences mean we are not all capable of the same things, as we come from very complex origins. We also allocate our time and energy differently, focusing on the things that we deem important to us at the time. While concentrating more on one particular subject, we become stronger in that, but weaker in another.

The lie of lack is just that, it’s impossible to compare what we can’t see. You can’t see all the facets of anyone’s life and how they focus their energy and the resources they have to work with. It’s a totally unfair comparison that doesn’t allow for individuals being unique and very different. Take ownership of your life, make it a do it yourself  project with your own sense of purpose.

Being “normal” is overrated.

Life is short, we have limited time and energy, there is no sense wasting that time and energy being normal. The human herd is basically very average, most people don’t behave in an intelligent manner or lead a satisfying life. So we have no reason to live this type of life. The most satisfying thing is to be yourself, to live it and except it fully. When we are young and attending school and college, we spend a lot of our time and energy trying desperately to fit in and be normal. The things that once worried us we don’t care about anymore, this can be a very liberating experience.

We can even play into that and make our uniqueness  part of our authentic personality. Your unique and seen that way and counter intuitively this can make you more attractive than you otherwise would be if you were conforming to the “normal.” In each of us is an authentic self that deserves to be revealed, this takes time and effort but the results are well worth it.

Lie of lack in comparison
No lie of lack here I’m wearing a crown I must be important


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